DOE Celebrates the PS 102 Mural

For the month of October, the NYC Department of Education has featured the PS 102 mural on its homepage. “Welcome” to our school!

Watch the mural video on the DOE website here.


“Welcome to PS 102” – The Documentary Experience

Watch it here.

PS 102 thanks 20/20 Vision for Schools‘ intern Jordan Cortese for his masterful work telling the story of the mural and celebrating our school’s diversity.

“Picturing Diversity,” from Brooklyn Family magazine

The September issue of Brooklyn Family magazine tells the story of the PS 102 mural. Here’s an excerpt.

“PS 102 Principal Theresa Dovi welcomed the concept wholeheartedly introducing the idea of the public art mural to the school’s families early in the year, and invited them to answer the question: ‘How does your family welcome guests into your home?’

“In response, students submitted a variety of drawings, photos, writings and belongings. The arts committee received more than 100 submissions that reflected the wide range of cultures, customs and traditions at the Bay View School. Judah submitted one of his favorite quotes: “A stranger who dwells among you shall be to you as one born among you and you shall love him as yourself.”

“Curtis and Wisneski helped the arts committee sift through the contributions — flags, pinatas, Arabic tea sets, family photos, pictures of the Taj Mahal, drawings of the earth, beloved toys, and a variety of writings — to identify overall themes to inform the mural. The artists designed a narrative mural consisting of nine panels, each telling a part of a story about a young boy being welcomed into a new community by a culturally-diverse group of people. He is first greeted by a classmate who introduces him to a larger student body, part of a diverse neighborhood, within a global city, in an interconnected world.

“The kind, simple gesture sets the picture in motion, guiding the eye through a vibrant celebration of respect, acceptance, sharing and love. That sentiment is echoed in words of greeting, spelled out in 43 different languages on the wall, some written on the sidewalk in chalk, others on building marquees and walls, and still others waving from colorful banners.”

Full article here.

Mural Says Welcome to Many Cultures

The Bay Ridge Eagle published a beautiful story on the mural in the July 21 issue. Here’s an excerpt:

“When P.S. 102 Principal Teresa Dovi and her students wanted to find a nice way to greet visitors at their school, they didn’t hang up a “Welcome” sign. They picked up paintbrushes.

“Working with a local artist, Sam Wisneski, and a group of more than 400 volunteers that included parents and local residents, Dovi and the students painted a mural on the outside wall of the school building facing the schoolyard.”

Full story here.

It is Finished

Enjoy the finished mural, all 875 square feet of color, detail, and “Welcome” in 43 languages.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not a bad representation of the original idea that emerged when the PTA Arts Committee reviewed 100 student submissions and layered six student recommendations on February 16. Following is the blog post that documented the original concept.

An Idea Emerges



As the PTA Arts Committee reviewed more than one hundred submissions on February 16, the image above emerged as one of the mural ideas by layering several student drawings.

At the foreground is a solitary student walking towards school, a new comer to the community. He is greeted by a classmate; all it takes is one student to begin helping another feel welcome. Then he’s embraced into the larger student body, which is part of a wonderfully diverse neighborhood, within a global city, in an interconnected world.

Time — and your input — will tell if this becomes the final concept. What do you think?

Thanks, Sam, for staying true to the students’ collective vision and empowering 400 of us to translate that vision together.

Mural Docu-Tease: Video Highlights

75 seconds, no audio, compelling visuals. Get a feel for the process. Mural documentary coming soon.

Video by Jordan Cortese, 20/20 Vision for Schools.

Closing Bell: New Mural for Bay Ridge School

Thanks to Brownstoner for publishing a story celebrating the PS 102 Mural.

“On Saturday there was an official unveiling of a new mural at PS 102 in Bay Ridge. The work has been produced by hundreds of volunteers over the past six weeks. The mural is called ‘Welcome,’ and it’s meant ‘to promote a message of acceptance of and respect for diversity.’”