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It is Finished

Enjoy the finished mural, all 875 square feet of color, detail, and “Welcome” in 43 languages.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not a bad representation of the original idea that emerged when the PTA Arts Committee reviewed 100 student submissions and layered six student recommendations on February 16. Following is the blog post that documented the original concept.

An Idea Emerges



As the PTA Arts Committee reviewed more than one hundred submissions on February 16, the image above emerged as one of the mural ideas by layering several student drawings.

At the foreground is a solitary student walking towards school, a new comer to the community. He is greeted by a classmate; all it takes is one student to begin helping another feel welcome. Then he’s embraced into the larger student body, which is part of a wonderfully diverse neighborhood, within a global city, in an interconnected world.

Time — and your input — will tell if this becomes the final concept. What do you think?

Thanks, Sam, for staying true to the students’ collective vision and empowering 400 of us to translate that vision together.


Mural Docu-Tease: Video Highlights

75 seconds, no audio, compelling visuals. Get a feel for the process. Mural documentary coming soon.

Video by Jordan Cortese, 20/20 Vision for Schools.

Closing Bell: New Mural for Bay Ridge School

Thanks to Brownstoner for publishing a story celebrating the PS 102 Mural.

“On Saturday there was an official unveiling of a new mural at PS 102 in Bay Ridge. The work has been produced by hundreds of volunteers over the past six weeks. The mural is called ‘Welcome,’ and it’s meant ‘to promote a message of acceptance of and respect for diversity.’”

Thank You Friends and Sponsors!

Ribbon Cutting


Thanks to all who made the June 4 Celebration and Ribbon Cutting such a fun day, including Principal Theresa Dovi; Vice Principals Sichenze and Kelly; Parent Coordinator Margaret Sheri; the PS 102 PTA and PTA Arts Committee; City Councilman Vincent Gentile; Community Education Council 20 President Laurie Windsor; DJ Erik Paul and Emcees Eric and Eden; 75 volunteers; 20+ flea market vendors and flea market coordinator Tom Mazzone; mural sponsors (see below); All-in-One Entertainment; Pollitos restaurant; and community partners Phoenix House, Americorps, Storefront Art Center, and five neighborhood youth groups whose determination to throw the PS 102 family an amazing party paid off.

Mural Sponsors

Who needs an impersonal banner to thank sponsors when hand crafted canvases work with the theme? Thanks, Sam, for another brilliant idea.

Color your own PS 102 Mural

A favorite activity at the Mural Celebration was children coloring the original mural sketches.  Here they are for your pleasure as well.

For optimal enjoyment, click on each thumbnail below, then download the larger image of each panel.  Print on regular 8×11 paper.

The Voice

In a day full of highlights, PS 102 second grader Gauri P. shined brightest when she expressed thanks to Principal Dovi, Mr. Sam, and the mural volunteers on behalf of 1,200 students.  Watch the video here.


Foto Fun Finale: Mural Celebration

When 475 volunteers + 100 student visionaries + 1 great school in a wonderfully diverse community + 5 sponsors and 8 community groups co-create and collaborate, joy ensues. Celebrate with us.

Vodpod videos no longer available.