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It is Finished

Enjoy the finished mural, all 875 square feet of color, detail, and “Welcome” in 43 languages.

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Not a bad representation of the original idea that emerged when the PTA Arts Committee reviewed 100 student submissions and layered six student recommendations on February 16. Following is the blog post that documented the original concept.

An Idea Emerges



As the PTA Arts Committee reviewed more than one hundred submissions on February 16, the image above emerged as one of the mural ideas by layering several student drawings.

At the foreground is a solitary student walking towards school, a new comer to the community. He is greeted by a classmate; all it takes is one student to begin helping another feel welcome. Then he’s embraced into the larger student body, which is part of a wonderfully diverse neighborhood, within a global city, in an interconnected world.

Time — and your input — will tell if this becomes the final concept. What do you think?

Thanks, Sam, for staying true to the students’ collective vision and empowering 400 of us to translate that vision together.


Even Future PS 102 Students Contribute


Mural artist Sam Wisneski and instigator/producer Jeremy Del Rio delighted as their sons Malachi (3) and Cyrus (2 1/2) kept things under control in Week 5. Students, future students, alumni, parents, grandparents, neighbors, and otherwise related volunteers have all played an inter-generational role shaping this project. It’s called, “community.”

Foto Fun Week 4: Painting Continues

More than 115 volunteers helped paint the PS 102 Mural on our fourth Saturday May 21. Special thanks to the Still Strong Auto Club and Phoenix House’s Americorps group for supplementing the PS 102 family of parents, students, and community volunteers. A skeletal crew of volunteers will continue throughout the week and have added a fifth Saturday to our schedule. Volunteer to paint on May 28 online here.

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Why is Principal Dovi Painting the Wall?

“Why is Mrs. Dovi painting the wall? Can I paint too?” – curious first grader.

Principal Theresa Dovi showed the rest of us how it’s done on Tuesday, dodging rain drops to help paint the mural after school.

Weather permitting, artist Sam Wisneski and a skeletal crew of 5-10 volunteers will continue to make touch-ups and finish the first coat of flat paint all week before dozens of volunteers execute the detail work on Saturday. The staff and faculty at PS 102 will form the core of volunteers after school. You can join us Saturday, with children as young as 3rd grade by your side. Principal Dovi set the tone by personally leading the way on Tuesday.

To date, more than 190 volunteers including students, parents, staff, faculty, and community residents have all touched the wall the last three weeks. This on top of the 100+ student submissions that shaped the mural content, and the efforts of the PTA Art Committee and the Storefront Art Center to design and facilitate the initiative since December.

Coloring Day Foto Fun

More than eighty volunteers joined us May 14 to begin coloring the mural despite the threat of rain. Thanks to all who continue to give so generously to “Welcome” guests into our community.

It’s not too late for you to join the fun. One more week to volunteer! Sign up here.

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Outline the Wall Day Foto Fun

Thank you to the seventy-plus volunteers who drew the grid, sketched, and painted the mural outline today, especially the crews from Alacrity Financial, Storefront Art Center, the PS 102 Art Committee, the PS 102 PTA, I.S. 30, Crossroads, Gateway, Evangelical Free, and an assortment of friends. Experience the fun with them here.

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Prep the Wall Day Foto Fun

Prep the Wall Day Highlights

More than 40 volunteers came out to help strip anti-graffiti sealant off the wall and then prime it in preparation for the installation of an 875 square foot, “Welcome” themed public art mural. Special thanks to neighbors and friends for inviting so many amazing New Yorkers to volunteer. Enjoy the photos.

If you missed the fun on April 30, it’s not too late to volunteer May 7, 14, 21 and June 4.

Vodpod videos no longer available.