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The fun starts tomorrow

Tomorrow, we strip. Bare. The Wall. And then prime it for mural time.

Join the fun.  Sign up now.  It’s not too late to volunteer.


Principal Dovi’s Sign-up Letter

April 12, 2011

Re: PS 102 Mural Project: Prep, Paint, Party!

Dear Students, Parents, PS 102 Teachers and Staff Members:

I’m so excited to remind everyone of PS 102’s upcoming mural project. The dates are fast approaching, and now is the time for you to sign-up to volunteer.

  1. April 30 — Prep the Wall Day, 9-5
    Adults and teens only; no skill required.
  2. May 7 — Paint the Wall Day, Outlining, 9-5
    Adults, older students/teens; artistic skill needed.
  3. May 14, 21 — Paint the Wall Days, 9-5
    All skill levels required.
    Note: From 9-1, students in grades 3-5 can volunteer, with a parent’s
    supervision. From 1-5, adults and teens only.
  4. June 4 – Party Day
    Adults and teen volunteers required from 10-4.
    Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at 11:00
    Schoolyard block party (11-3) and flea market (10-3)

Childcare will be available each day for children and siblings below grade 3. All volunteers will have to sign a liability waiver and media release on-site before participating in the project.

You can register online at our mural website for as many hours as you would like on as many days possible: Or if you prefer, you can sign up in person at our Student Talent Show on April 14 or by seeing our Parent Coordinator, Margaret Sheri.

Thanks again to the students and staff members who submitted more than 100 ideas for our mural project. Some of the best entries were published on the “Submissions” page of our mural website. All have influenced the final design, which will be made public online on May 5. When you visit the website, please also cast your vote on how you want to celebrate the mural on June 4.

Thank you,
Theresa Dovi

Prep. Paint. Party. Pay.

How You Can Help

Volunteer [Prep. Paint. Party.]

Join us in executing the PS 102 mural project, and then celebrating its completion, on any of the following Saturdays:

  1. April 30 — Prepare the walls, 9-5
    No skill required.
  2. May 7 — Painting Day 1, 9-5
    All skill levels required.
  3. May 14 — Painting Day 2, 9-5
    All skill levels required.
  4. May 21 — Painting Day 3, 9-5
    All skill levels required.
  5. June 4 — Celebration Saturday, 10-4*
    Inflatables, games, food, entertainment, and fun.
    * Set-up, 10-11 // Party, 11-3 // Clean-up, 3-4

Register as a volunteer by signing up for as many hours on as many Saturdays as you would like, here:

Note: On Painting days, children grades 3 and above will be permitted to paint the walls from 9-1, but only adults and teens will be permitted to paint from 1-5. Childcare will be provided for children grades 2 and younger throughout the project.

Donate [Pay.]

In addition to volunteering, you can support the mural financially by becoming a corporate sponsor or individual donor.

Corporate Sponsor Packet

Donate Directly

All contributions are tax deductible via the Storefront Art Center.