Phase 2 Color Scheme

Two weeks ago we posted the artist’s sketch and grid scheme that reduced an 875 square foot wall into six inch squares and empowered 70 mostly unskilled volunteers to help transfer the image to the wall. Last week we posted the flat color scheme that empowered 80 volunteers to begin adding color to the wall. Below is the phase two color pallet that empowered 115 volunteers to paint dark and light highlights that add texture, depth, and contrast to the final image. To date, more than 300 hands have contributed to the wall.

Panel 1 (Dark/Light)

Panel 2 (Dark/Light)

Panel 3

Panel 4 (Dark/Light)

Panel 5 (Dark/Light)

Panel 6 (Dark/Light)

Panels 7 & 8 (Dark/Light)

Panel 9 (Dark/Light)


About ps102mural

PS 102 is a public elementary school in Brooklyn, New York, with 1,200 students in grades K-5. In 2011, our school administration, parents, students, faculty, and local artists and volunteers collaborated on a public art mural to celebrate our school's extraordinary diversity. Visit us online at View all posts by ps102mural

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