Please be my PS 102 Valentine


A mural is a giant painting in a public place where an entire community can appreciate the art.

Check out these murals from schoolyards all across America.

Xpress by Toofly Creativity by Kekoa Dream by Ramon Trevino

[Click the thumbnail to view the larger image.]


The difference between those murals and our PS 102 mural is they are already completed, and ours isn’t. In fact, we don’t even know what’s going to be included in our mural, which is why we’re having a Valentine’s Day contest! We want you to help us decide what our mural should look like.

You can do that by entering our Mural Valentine contest. The winners will see your creativity on the schoolyard wall long after you graduate.


On Monday, February 14, bring your ideas for how your family welcomes guests into your home as your Valentine’s Day gift to PS 102.

Your idea can be in the form of a picture you draw, a family photo, a collage or sculpture, an essay, a short story, favorite song or poem lyrics, a favorite game or food — literally whatever your creativity requires!

There’s no limit to your creativity, so feel free to submit more than one idea, as many as you would like. Just be sure to include your name and classroom number so we can return your entries after the contest ends.


About ps102mural

PS 102 is a public elementary school in Brooklyn, New York, with 1,200 students in grades K-5. In 2011, our school administration, parents, students, faculty, and local artists and volunteers collaborated on a public art mural to celebrate our school's extraordinary diversity. Visit us online at View all posts by ps102mural

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